Aestival Film Festival 2018

This year we are going all Academy Awards, acceptance speeches, red carpets and film premieres!
From actors and directors to films and their characters – get your thinking caps on! As long as your team has to some connection to the big screen you can enter and hope to win the coveted Aestival Palme d’Or!

With a stunning new location, Aestival Film Festival, will rival Cannes on the sun drenched coast of the South of France.  

Date: Saturday June 2nd 2018
Location: Wylds Farm, Warren Road, Liss, Hampshire GU33 7DF
Ticket Price: Adults £70, and Kids £32.50 (6-15 years old, under 6 years go free)

The day is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, so we’ve had to increase the price for the kids as we want them to play all the games (and they eat like a small army!).

Price will include camp...

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Extra Terrestival Timelapse

See how the day unfolded..

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The Final Countdown

What you Extraterrestrials need to know for the day.

ADDRESS: The Spread Eagle, Farnham Road, Liss, Hampshire, GU33 6JU

•    Please DO NOT bring your own alcohol on site. We can’t stress this enough. The pub is a small family run business and kindly allows us to use their facilities free of charge, so having the place littered with alcohol that’s not from the pub is very unfair and will causes problems.

•    You are welcome to arrive on Friday (not before 6pm please!!). The pub does food and there is always a good warm up sesh going on, please bear in mind there are no showers and no food until 10am Saturday morning, so come prepared especially if you have kiddies to feed in the morning!

•    Breakfast is served at 10:00am on Saturday, please make sure you are there in good t...

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Calling all Stormtroopers, ET’s and all from other planets

We are very much looking forward to see you all soon, fingers crossed the weather will be glorious!!

This is shaping up to be the best Aestival ever with 12 teams going head to head for the title!

For those that haven’t finalised their teams, we request that now do so this week as the final deadline for team entries is Saturday 23rd May. If you can’t get a team together but still want to come then please let us know there are lots of teams looking for extra recruits, just get hold of us at with the title ‘Billy no mates’ and we will sort you out!

We’ve had a change of venue back to our old stomping grounds of last time, the Spread Eagle at Liss:

So, to few things to clarify and remind you off at this stage:

• Address is The Spread Eagle, Liss, Hamps...

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Aestival Extraterrestival

This year we are boldly going where no festival has gone before, Planet Aestival is being invaded by aliens from outer space!!

From Space-men to Space-Cowboys to Space-Savers, get your thinking caps on, as long as your team has some connection to Extraterrestrials, Space, Aliens or anything not of this world you can get on board and prepare for launch!

As ever team names will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so if you think you look particularly good in gold bikini you’d better get your (rocket) skates on!

With a stunning new location, Aestival Extraterrestival is going to be out of this world!

Star Date: Saturday June 13th 2015

Interplanetary Price: 70 Durka Durkas (£) per adult, (10 Durka Durkas (£) supplement for children)

Price will include camping, games, oxygen ...

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