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The Birth of Aestival

Aestival Festival was born following 2 events put on by Pete Lidbetter and Miles Hartwell. The very first event was ‘To Russia with Luck’ which involved a cannonball run style race from Harwich to Estonia! This event took in 7 countries in 7 days and saw around 10 cars racing through the Baltic states.

The following year, GRRR (Great Russian Rally Reunion) was created which followed on from TRWL! A car treasure hunt around the Cotswold’s which introduced us and many who have attended Aestival to the Golden Heart Pub

To Russia Pics part 1 082

Following the runaway success of GRRR, Pete Bruce-Smythe and Sam Wylie (The male components of Team Saxx & The Wonderboy from GRRR) put the idea forward that it would be a good thing if we did this every year and rather than organise a treasure hunt again, a mini summer festival should be put on for all our friends and family.

BotB Crew

Taking place on the site of GRRR, the Golden Heart seemed like a perfect venue to continue to have our friends and family over for more festivally weekends. But what would the festival look like, what we do, how would we entertain everyone?

Read on to the Aestival Festival 2009 to find out…

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