Aestival Extraterrestival


This year we are boldly going where no festival has gone before, Planet Aestival is being invaded by aliens from outer space!!

From Space-men to Space-Cowboys to Space-Savers, get your thinking caps on, as long as your team has some connection to Extraterrestrials, Space, Aliens or anything not of this world you can get on board and prepare for launch!

As ever team names will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so if you think you look particularly good in gold bikini you’d better get your (rocket) skates on!

With a stunning new location, Aestival Extraterrestival is going to be out of this world!

Star Date: Saturday June 13th 2015

Interplanetary Price: 70 Durka Durkas (£) per adult, (10 Durka Durkas (£) supplement for children)

Price will include camping, games, oxygen supply, plenty of entertainment and 4 square meals supplied by the gastronomic geniuses at The Deers Hut.

To secure your team, we need:

1. Your team name
2. Payment for all of the team (please pay a nominated person and get them to pay for the team in one go)
2. Number of adults and children (min 6 people, no max)
3. Any vegetarians

If you can’t get a whole team together but still want to come then please let us know we’ll match you to a team as we’ll have lots of potential team places, email us at with the subject HELP I’M BILLY NO-MATES! and we will swing into action.

For more info go to or look us up on Facebook or come and follow us on Twitter @AestivalFestUK