AF 2013


This year we’re home home on the range, its a no holds barred* shoot em up Cowboys and Indians mayhem**!!!!!!! Teams can come dressed as anything from Cowboy gangs to Indian tribes, from herds of buffalo to ladies of the bordello, as long as it a has some (any!) link to the Wild West! As always we look forward to your fantastic costumes. So saddle up and slap on some war-paint its Aestival time!! *family friendly **organised chaos

Date:                 June 15th 2013, 11am start

Location:        The Spread Eagle Pub (Near Liss)

Price:               £65 per adult (£10 supplement for children)

Price will include camping, games, plenty of entertainment and 4 square meals supplied by the gastronomic geniuses at The Spread Eagle. We’ve had to add a bit for the kids because they all keep growing and eat like a small army!

Menus for this year                           Adult            Children’s