Aestival Film Festival 2018

This year we are going all Academy Awards, acceptance speeches, red carpets and film premieres!
From actors and directors to films and their characters – get your thinking caps on! As long as your team has to some connection to the big screen you can enter and hope to win the coveted Aestival Palme d’Or!

With a stunning new location, Aestival Film Festival, will rival Cannes on the sun drenched coast of the South of France.  

Date: Saturday June 2nd 2018
Location: Wylds Farm, Warren Road, Liss, Hampshire GU33 7DF
Ticket Price: Adults £70, and Kids £32.50 (6-15 years old, under 6 years go free)

The day is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, so we’ve had to increase the price for the kids as we want them to play all the games (and they eat like a small army!).

Price will include camping, games, our resident band, DJ Ricksta, 4 square meals supplied by gastronomic wizards, babysitters, sunshine*, goodtimes and overtired children.
*sunshine not guaranteed

If you have a team organised we need:

1. Your team name
2. Team Payment, NOT individuals – please pay a nominated person and get them to pay for the team in one go! 
3. Number of adults and children

If you can’t get a whole team together but still want to come then please let us know ASAP as we are busy match making and have lots of potential team places. Email us at with the subject ‘HELP I NEED A TEAM!’ and we will swing into action.

Finally, if your team has swollen to the size of the 2017 Oscar television audience (34.4 million if you’re interested), don’t be afraid to split into two teams!

For information about the event, please visit the Facebook page or Aestivalwebsite. 

We’re looking forward to see you all in June! 


Team Aestival