AF 2010

Aestival Festival 2010

The second coming as…

2010’s Aestival started different to the last one. Rather than running head long into the organisation of the years festival, we reviewed (over Chinese takeout, naturally), fed back, analysed, patted ourselves on our backs and ended up with some very very big smiles. We were very proud of what we had achieved!

Over the next 8 months, we met regularly to set out a plan for 2010 knowing that most things had worked out well from the previous year, but not everything and how we could refine the day / evening, put on different games and make Aestival even better!

As before, having the theme agreed was critical to making the day and pulling it all together. How would we follow the theme of ‘countries’? We went through so many different options but none seemed to fit with making the fancy dress, interaction, games and general day work. Following a few discussions (the occasional argument), we decided on ‘Battle of the Bands’.


This time around we needed a logo, as any competition has, so we enlisted the help of help of the multi-talented Mat Dolphin. This design agency helped us realise our vision for festival. See the excellent logo Mat Dolphin created for us above.

Once we had the logo, we could start working on the games. We decided in their current format, they worked well but we needed different games to play. So we came up with…

The Quiz
All teams had to name that tune, and guess the weight of a certain ALAN (the now Aestival Festival mascot).

The Rolling Stones
Teams had to races each other in team caterpillar track.

Skills Set
Games included Splat the Rat, Basketball (of sorts), Vinyl Bowls and Operation.

The Wall of Sound
A game where 2 teams had to catapult wet sponges over our Wall of Sound amplifiers to their awaiting team to catch as many as they could.

Band on the Run
The ultimate assault course. The game followed the life and times of a band on a gig night. A straight race between 3 teams each. Negotiating jumps, camouflage net (made another appearance), getting ‘papped’ on the red carpet, running up the inflatable slide and (yes you guessed) sliding back down again, trashing the hotel room and finally, doing the ‘Angus Young’ the finish line.

Teams were particularly inventive this year round, with some great ideas and costumes being showcased as follows:

• N.E.R.D – dressed as the nerds!
• Beastie Boys – dressed from the Intergalatic video
• Europe – rock star superstars
• ZZ Top – Beards…
• Daft Punk- Silly looking punks
• Queens of the Stone Age – Neanderthals with crowns
• Arctic Monkeys – every type of ape, gorilla and chimpanzee
• Queen – as only HRH could…(plus Freddie Mercury)
• The Wurzels – I’ve got a brand new combine harverster..
• Public Enemy – Flava Flav’s all round
• Vampire Weekend – bloodsuckers


Best dressed went to the Beastie Boys!

As tradition states following high tea, a few pints and good ‘ol BBQ – the serious business of Welly Wanging was got to. With all to play for some strong contenders, Miles Hartwell had to defend his title! Which he didn’t…

The winner for 2010 Welly Wanging and defender to 2011 Aestival Festival was Gareth Jenkins

The evening entertainment we drafted back the incredible Mango Factory fro the second time who didn’t disappoint! Allied to the amazing deck wizardry from DJ Ricky (seeing him scratch it up with the band was something else!), the evening flew past with much drunken revelry and dancing!

This year, there was a little after party to see in the wee hours – Aestival Mestival took place at the end of the field where Chinese candles, music, camp fires and lots more merriment continued til sun up!