AF 2011

Thanks to the remarkable success of Aestival Festival ‘Battle of the Bands’ in 2010  we were very proud to announce the return of Aestival Festival in 2011. The theme in 2011 was: Good Vs Evil.

Aestival Festival was conceived as a way to make sure all of our friends gather at least once a year. It is a simple concept; we have a family orientated day (Think ‘Its A Knockout’ and you won’t be far off) followed by an adults evening of drinking, dancing and debauchery.

In case you missed the Battle of the Bands or in case you didn’t………

Big thanks to all of you who came and made the day so memorable!

Teams representing the force of either Good or Evil  could be ANYTHING from Angels to Traffic Wardens, Good Eggs or Bad Apples, but the whole team had to be either all good or all evil….simplz.  As always we were very happy to see some very, shall we say, ‘distinctive’ fancy dress!