AF -2015

Aestival Extra Terrestival (such a mouthful…but it rhymns according to the Management) celebrated all things out of this world! 
Teams included: 
Space Invaders
Space Monkeys
Space Hoppers (theme here…)
Little Green Men (phew…)
Star Wars
The Baddies
Spock Angels
The Coneheads
Attack of the Ciderman
With 91 adults and a HUGE 74 kids this was the biggest Aestival ever!! 
This year we thought we’d change it some what and include some Jedi Challenges as well as the usual top notch games for entertaining everyone. 
As always we did the quiz with lots of music and fact based questions including (for your pleasure):
How many fingers does ET have altogether (on both hands)?
Who tracks down Han Solo and takes him to Jabba The Hutt in Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back?
Which British actor played the role of Vultan in the film Flash Gordon?
Who directed Alien?
What are Scully and Mulders real names?
What was the name of the NASA mission that found water on Mars
What year did Uri Gagarin become first man into space. 
Which famous actress played Gertie in E.T.
What was the name of the robot in The Forbidden Planet
Who kills Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars?
If you want the answers (again) – message the management directly or google it like we did!
Top game was Star Wars (thanks Liddo).  Teams had to play against each other placing balls through holes on an 8 ft sq wooden board against the clock! 
As per usual we had the sweet sounds of DJ Ricky and the ever reliable Mango Factory to let bounce the night away! 
We look forward to welcoming you all to Aestival Film Festival on 2nd June 2018. 
See you there…..